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Yage (Yet Another Game Engine) is an open source, cross-platform, and free 3D game engine.  It is currently in the early stages of development but is planned to incorporate many features of leading commercial game engines when finished.  More...

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Latest News

Yage Tech Demo on YouTube, CDC, Tango, and Surface Updates

JoeCoder — January 18, 2009

It's been a while since the last update, so I thought I should report on what's new and in-progress.

First, I created a tech-demo video of Yage and added it to YouTube. This isn't anything new for anyone who has compiled and run the engine with demo1, but now there's a faster way to check it out for the uninitiated.

Second, Yage now uses a slightly modified version of CDC for its build script (which allows building w/o the need for any external tools). This isn't a huge update, since CDC itself began as a modified version of Yage's build script.

Third, Yage is now using Tango instead of Phobos (with Tangobos as an intermediate step), and the conversion is mostly complete.

Finally, Yage has seen dozens of incremental improvements to its user interface system, with support for a large subset of css2 and css3, including inline styles. None-the-less, this is still in progress. Tutorials, etc. will come later on when more of Yage's API is complete and finalized.

New Sound System Finished, Seeking Volunteers

JoeCoder — January 18, 2009

I just committed a completely rewritten sound system for Yage.  Unlike the previous version, this system supports a completely unlimited number of sound sources and maps only the closest/loudest sounds to actually be played.  Additionally, this system is much more stable than the last and much better about cleaning up OpenAL resources.  I added a features section to keep track of all of Yage's current features in a more organized and more detailed format than the roadmap.

Secondly, I'm seeking volunteers to become part of the Yage project. I've written up a list of tasks for some things that would be nice to have, but anything on the roadmap is fair game and I'm open to suggestions as well.  The world could really use a feature-complete, high quality, high-performance, free game engine.  If you're interested, contact me, or post on the forum.

Returning to Yage

JoeCoder — May 28, 2008

After working on another project for the last several months, I'm returning to work on Yage again in my free time.  I'm planning to do some general cleanup to refamiliarize myself with the code and then work on further gui development.

New Team Member, Version 0.3

JoeCoder — July 15, 2007

Joe Pusderis (a.k.a Deformative) has joined the Yage team (that makes two of us now) to implement GUI code for Yage.  This also marks the beginning of version 0.3, one of the ten milestones on the way to version 1.0.   Anyone can already see what a great job he's done by downloading a recent version and compiling the code in the src/demo2 folder.

Subversion and Other Updates

JoeCoder — January 12, 2007

Yage has now been added to a subversion repository hosted at dsource.org.  There have been quite a few changes to the source since the last update, mostly bugfixes and stability improvements, but also improved materials support.  I'll start keeping an official changelog as Yage gets further into development.

I've been including a small demo that compiles as part of the source code, and my current goal is to create a 3D, shader-enhanced asteroids clone with realtime gravity.  I find that creating mini-games and demos betters Yage for real-world use and finds more bugs.  I'll work on better separation of game and engine logic further along, not that the line isn't currently well-defined.

Finally, I'm hoping to start a collection of art and sound assets to distribute with Yage.  I've already made a few myself and found a few more (all in the most recent svn), but more would be useful.  I'd prefer all contributions to be free for commercial use, but I might have to take what I can get.

Early Stages of Development

JoeCoder — October 29, 2006

This website has just launched and the project as a whole is still in an early stage of development.

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